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Uber eats Nivea Promo: 


Offer applies to all users who place an order using the Uber Eats App. Buy any two Nivea products and save 15%. Use code MedNivea15. Valid for up to 2 orders. Offer valid from 24 August 2020 until 6 September 2020. Restrictions:  Offer valid in South Africa from select Medicare Pharmacy branches only and;  Minimum order of R50.00 is required. Maximum discount for this Offer is R70.00. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Promotion only available in app. While stocks last.


List of items included in the promotion: 


42299806 Nivea Men Roll On Black & White Power 50ml
42299851 Nivea Men Roll On Silver 50ml
42299837 Nivea Men Roll On Cool Kick 50ml
42354963 Nivea Men Roll On Deep 50ml
40067643 Nivea Men Roll On Deep Espresso 50ml
42237259 Nivea Men Deo Stick Dry Impact 40ml
42219385 Nivea Men Deo Stick Silver Protect 40ml
4005900036483 Nivea Men Black & White Power Deodorant Spray 150ml
4005808334773 Nivea Men Silver Deodorant Spray 150ml
4005900372451 Nivea Men Invisible Black & White Fresh Mist Deodorant Spray 150ml
42299929 Nivea Deodorant Pearl & Beauty Roll On 50ml
42299554 Nivea Deodorant Protect & Care Female Roll On 50ml
42219415 Nivea Deodorant Stick Pearl And Beauty 40ml
42219323 Nivea Deodorant Invisible B&w Original Stick 40ml
4005900036568 Nivea Deodorant Spray Black & White Original Female 150ml
4005808230860 Nivea Deodorant Spray Double Effect 150ml
4005808890576 Nivea Soft Tube 75ml
4005808246014 Nivea Body Rich Nourish 250ml
4005808246410 Nivea Body Intens Moist Lotion 250ml
4005808247431 Nivea Body Irresis Smth Lotion 400ml
4005808236879 Nivea Body Rich Nourish 400ml
4005808237135 Nivea Body Intensive Moisturising Lotion 400ml
4005808661923 Nivea Men Maximum Hydration Body Lotion 250ml
6001051000814 Nivea Men Cool Kick Body Lotion 250ml
6001051001361 Nivea Care & Happiness Shower Creme 250ml
6001051001255 Nivea Shower Creme Soft 250ml
6001051001262 Nivea Care & Happiness Shower Creme 500ml
6001051001248 Nivea Creme Soft Shower Cream 500ml
6001051001446 Nivea Care & Coconut Shower Cream 500ml
6001051001330 Nivea Fresh And Fresh Shower Gel 500ml
4005900128492 Nivea Men Active Clean Shower Gel 500ml
4005900368539 Nivea Men Protect And Care Shower Gel 500ml
4005808781935 Nivea Men Power Refresh Shower Gel 500ml
4005808130146 Nivea Men Energy Shower Gel 500ml

This rapidly evolving coronavirus ( COVID-19) has imposed an unsettling, fluid situation upon our community and its businesses. While the team here at Medicare Health still aims to maintain a "business as usual " approach, we are making a number of significant changes to our operations to account for a situation that is far from normal.

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