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Fact #1

heart beat, heart diagram and stethoscope

Your heart beats about 100 000 times in one day. 1 In an average lifetime, the human heart will beat more than 2,5 billion times. 1

Fact #2

hands placed in heart shape

The adult heart is the same size as your hands clasped together. 2

Fact #3

blue dumbbells on a orange background

The heart does the most physical work of any muscle during a lifetime. 4

Fact #4

blood cells flowing through body

Your heart pumps about 7 200 litres of blood per day3 Enough to fill about 50 bathtubs5

Fact #5

black stethscope on blue background

The heart begins beating at 4 weeks after conception. 2

Fact #6

pink stethoscope on pink bench with with pink ribbon

Heart cancer is very rare, because heart cells stop dividing early in life. 6

Fact #7

woman holding heart shaped ballons

A woman’s heart typically beats faster than a man’s2 The average heart rate of a man is 70 beats per minute and a woman is 78 beats per minute. 4

Fact #8

man playing tennis

Regular exercise is the single most important key to heart health. And it is free! 2

Fact #9

heart shaped pillow with mobile device "listening" to the beat

The beating sound is the clap of the heart valves opening and closing. 2

Fact #10

black road with yellow lines

The heart pumps the blood in your body 19 000 km per day3 The same distance as flying from Johannesburg to London and back again! 6


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