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Heartburn ruining your life?

person holding upper part of chest

Have you ever felt that burning feeling behind your breastbone, after eating a meal for example? If so, you are not alone. Heartburn affects about 40% of the Western world’s population and impacts negatively on quality of life. 1

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Medicare’s 3 step plan for dousing heartburn

fire extinguisher mounted on grey wall

Diet and lifestyle changes can help improve your symptoms of heartburn, but did you know that your Medicare Pharmacy can provide a 3-step management plan to douse the flames of heartburn?

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When does heartburn need a closer look

blue stethoscope on wooden table with "heartburn" label

Sometimes the symptoms of heartburn do not line up with the severity of the reflux. Chronic untreated reflux can cause ulcers and other medical problems if left untreated  Read more to find out when you should possibly see a specialist for further investigations

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