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When last did you go?

man holding abdomen

Do you regularly have less than 3 bowels movements per week? Constipation is a common condition and can interfere with our ability to go about our daily tasks. 1

Click here to learn more about constipation and what a normal stool should look like.

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Do you need a good poo?

sign indicating male and female bathroom

Did you know that dehydration is a major risk factor for constipation? 1 Your diet and lifestyle can help you improve your stool, so that it is softer and easier to pass, but there are also OTC medications that can help you jump start this process.

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When does constipation need a doctor?

orange stethoscope with constipation written on black background

Constipation is sometimes a symptom of something more serious. Click here to find out more about when constipation needs a closer look.

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