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Worried about losing your mind?

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Have you ever opened the fridge, only to forget what you wanted out of it? Do you frequently misplace your car keys or glasses? Are you worried that you are losing your mind?

Although these can all be very early symptoms of dementia, they may also just be age-related changes in the brain that may cause a decline in short-term memory and slowing in your learning ability. 1

Did you know that chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol can increase our risk for dementia and that by managing these risk factors we can reduce this risk by 30%? 2

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Worried about how your body “AGEs”?

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Aging is an inevitable process that we all must go through and considering the alternative – death – something we should embrace and try to do well. 3 Due to medical advances people are living longer. 4,5 In fact, it is predicted that most of the current millennial generation born in developed countries will live to be 100. 6

Although we are living longer, the important question is – Are these years going to be spent in good health? 7 The increase in diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol means that we may not be living healthier, longer lives. 3,8 Not only do these conditions lead to poor health in old age but they can also accelerate the ageing process in parts of the body e.g. the blood vessels. 9

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Worried about a broken heart?

worried about a broken heart

Many of us have suffered from an emotionally broken heart at some point in our lifetime – unrequited love, a death of a loved one or shattered dreams can all leave us feeling broken hearted. But what would a physically broken heart feel like? Hopefully, very few of us will ever have to find out. A heart attack, caused by an interruption of blood flow to the muscles of your heart, can quite literally “break” the structure and function of your heart.

Although we cannot change some of our risk factors for a heart attack (age, gender, family history), there are many others (high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol) that we can control through lifestyle changes and medication. 10 According to the Heart & Stroke Foundation of South Africa, 80 % of heart disease and strokes can be prevented. 11

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