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The common cold

Fact #1

There are over 200 viruses that can cause the common cold 1

Fact #2

Adults: 2 – 4 infections per year 1
Children: 3 – 8 infections per year 1

Fact #3

Colds occur more frequently in the autumn and winter months 2

Fact #4

Rhinoviruses are the most common cause. 

Other viruses include: 1,2  

  • Coronavirus,
  • Influenzae virus,
  • Adenovirus
  • Respiratory syncytial virus

Fact #5

The average person has more than 50 colds during a lifetime 3

Fact #6

Complete recovery usually occurs within 7 days (10-14 days for children) 1

Fact #7

Coughing can persist for 3 – 8 weeks after a viral cold 4

Fact #8

Colds are spread by: 1,5

Direct contact

With an infected person.

Indirect contact

By touching railings, door handles etc.

Droplet spread

Such as sneezing, coughing etc.

Fact #9

Viruses can survive on hands for up to 2 hours 1

Fact #10

Colds are the leading cause of visits to the doctor 3

Fact #11

The spread of colds usually requires long-term contact e.g. home, schools

Fact #12

Viruses can survive on objects in ideal conditions for up to 4 days 1

Fact #13

A single virus can have 16 million offspring within the course of a day 6

Fact #14

A sneeze can travel at a speed of 156 km/hr 7

Fact #15

Colds are the leading cause of time lost from: 3

  • Work
  • School

Fact #16

A single sneeze droplet can contain 100 million viruses 8

Fact #17

Most cold viruses are not spread by saliva so kissing itself is not likely to transmit the common cold 5

Fact #18

A sneeze can spread a distance from 5 m to 200 m 9

You can catch a cold from the cold.


Test your knowledge.

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