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Who we are and what you can expect from us

You are different and so are we.

We are people who help all people. Whether it’s in cities or towns, across the country, we’re helping people on their path to better health.

Our mission is to reinvent pharmacy as a destination for great healthcare services and solutions, not just great products. As we move forward on this journey, you can expect great new services to help you be the healthiest version of yourself.

Here’s what to look out for

The Medicare App

An app so you can manage your health on your phone, as you go. To start, the app will allow you to book a clinic appointment and to send us prescriptions for pick-up or delivery. Later versions will allow you to manage your chronic medication and to have a virtual consultation with your trusted pharmacy and nurse team.

Our healthy heart campaign.

Launching in March we will help you understand your heart health and in some stores we can help you with prescription initiation or refills using our video doctor system.

Video doctor

In stores to make your healthcare more convenient and affordable. This means you can see a doctor and get your medication all in one place. This system is being piloted in select stores currently.

Care packages

These tell you how common conditions should be treated. They stem from our experts summarising the best and latest global research.

A different approach

As we take a different approach to health CARE, we search for more effective and affordable ways to shape the future of healthcare for our members and communities. We promise to keep you informed about those services and the latest developments.

We invite you to join us on this journey to better healthcare – so you can take better care of yourself. We look forward to telling you more when we see you in store!

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